Center Ring - Mother of Pearl and Ebony
Inner and Outer Ring - Ebonized Maple and Mother of Pearl
Soundboard - Engelmann Spruce


Nolan String Works Classical

Center Ring- Flamed Koa,
inlaid with Rock Maple Orchids and Vines,
hand painted with Analine Dyes
Inner and Outer Rings - Hand made Marquetry,
Rock Maple, stained with Analine Dyes
Soundboard - Sitka Spruce

"The Lord Of The Rings"


Center Ring - Sri Lankan Ebony,
inlaid with Mother of Pearl runes
Inner and Outer Rings - Maple and Green Abalone
Sounboard - Sitka Spruce

CG - 12


Center Ring - Flamed Koa,
Marquetry Inlay - Maple/Ebony/Maple
Inner and Outer Rings- Maple/Ebony/Maple
Soundboard - Alpine Spruce


Center Ring - Ebony,
inlaid with Mother of Pearl
Inner and Outer Rings - Ebonized Maple/Green Abalone
Soundboard - Bear Claw Sitka Spruce

Nolan String Works Dreadnought

Center Ring - Quilted Honduras Mahogany,
inlaid with Mother of Pearl and Green Abalone
Inner and Outer Rings - Maple/Flamed Koa/Maple
Soundboard - Engelmann Spruce