Nolan String Works

Nolan String Works is a one man shop, specializing in hand crafted, custom stringed instruments, located in West Yorkshire, England. Owned and operated by Dave Bell.

Dave started playing guitar at the age of 13, and started trying to make them play better, and easier, about a week later. Thus began a lifelong love and fascination with the art and craft of instrument making and repair.

In his early 30's, Dave began to practice the art of lutherie in earnest, and set up his first shop in his garage, in Carmel, California. By 1989, he felt confident enough to start accepting commissions, and set up business under the name of Nolan String Works. In April 2008, Dave was granted Patent Number 7,358,428 by the U.S. Government, for the "DualSaddleBridge", as well as the bracing pattern and concept of the CG-12, a 12 string classical guitar, incorporating nylon, and steel strings.

The philosophy of Nolan String Works is to create functional pieces of art,
one of a kind instruments, specifically tailored to the individual. Instruments are designed in collaboration with the client, and once a design is executed, it is never repeated.

Dave, drawing the bracing pattern on the soundboard for a CG-12.