With the "Dual Saddle Bridge"™
U.S. Pat. No. 7,358,428

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CG-12 with "Dual Saddle Bridge"

The CG-12 is a hybrid instrument with some very unique features, the most obvious being the "Dual Saddle Bridge". My client's stipulation on this instrument was to build a combination guitar, comprised of Nylon and Steel strings, using one neck. Other than that, I was free to design whatever I thought would work.
The prototype took just over a year to complete.
This instrument is built as a Classical Guitar, body shape, neck width, etc., with a 26" scale, utilizing a modified Bouchet bracing system, with specific alterations to counteract the increased tension delivered to the top and neck by the addition of the Steel strings, as well as increasing the volume, and balancing the tone.
These Alterations are as follows:
Soundhole diameter increased to 4"
Double acting truss rod in the neck
12 string headstock
Transverse bracing struts at strategic stress points
"Dual Saddle Bridge"™
Bridge is bolted to the top

My main concern in designing this instrument was the separation of the two distinct tones generated by the Nylon and Steel strings. This brought about the development of the bridge, which in turn led to the development of the dual pickup scheme, resulting in a stereo setup, which separates the Steel and Nylon registers into separate channels, giving a performer an astounding array of possible sounds, on stage or in the studio.

Back and Sides - Highly Figured Koa
Soundboard - Bear-Claw AAA Sitka Spruce
Neck - Brazillian Mahogany
Bridge, Fingerboard and Bindings - Gabon Ebony
Marquetry in Rosette, and Back and Sides - Maple/Gabon Ebony/Maple
Rosette and Headstock Faceplate - Highly Figured Koa
Stereo Control Surround - Highly Figured Koa
Saddles and Nut - Ox Bone

I fabricated the Stereo Control System in my shop. An interior microphone can be added if desired, or any other permutations.

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